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Submissions to The Ficitionists are usually solicited by invitation only, from among the regular participants in our monthly gatherings. However, we will also consider the submissions of those who have not yet participated, if they are interested in doing so.


Email your submission to submit [at] and you will receive a reply within a few days to confirm your submission.


Please include:

  • Your full name
  • The name of the complete work
  • A representative paragraph which can function as a "teaser"
  • The file (.doc and/or .pdf) of your submission


If your submission is part of a larger work, please include:

  • The name of the submission (ex: "Chapters 1-3" or "Part I")
  • A brief synopsis of the complete work (or of all submissions to date)
  • A file including all previous submissions from this work, if applicable.


If your submission is accepted, you will be asked to donate $5 to The Fictionists to help cover expenses.



Submission guidelines


File format: Both ".doc(x)" and "pdf" format are acceptible. Please send both if possible.


Length: Between 15-25 pages is ideal, but longer and shorter submissions will be considered. Please submit your work as far in advance as possible if it is longer than 25 pages.


Genre: Fiction, of course! Although some degrees of "reality" are welcome. Prose writings intended to be read silently are preferred, as opposed to screenplays or other dramatic scripts. Poetry is acceptible if it is narrative in nature, and can be read and processed by the average reader in an hour or two.)


Content: Participation is limited to adults 21 and up, so adult content is permissible. However, it is requested that prurient or vulgar content be limited. In the real world, we can select our own reading material, but The Fictionists have agreed in advance to read anything that's submitted. Therefore, we must be respectful of a variety of sensibilities, values and backgrounds.



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